Print the Delivery Route Application & Bring it to Williamston Cleaners to start your free delivery services today!!

Our commitment to excellence and quality service is why Williamston Cleaners is our City’s Number One Professional Dry Cleaners!


                                            Free Pick-Up and Delivery

Williamston Cleaners will come by your home or office twice a week.
Pick-up and delivery will be one of the following days depending on your location.

Monday/Thursday: Anything picked up Monday will be returned Thursday; anything picked up Thursday will be returned Monday.

Tuesday/Friday: Anything picked up Tuesday will be returned Friday; anything picked up Friday will be returned Tuesday.

You do not have to be home to enjoy this valuable service – You choose where to leave your clothes. You do not have to call to schedule pick-up. We will automatically come by. We will provide you with your own personal bags to put your clothes in as well as a door hanger which slips over the top of your door so we can hang your cleaned and pressed clothes for you.

No minimum order! This service is provided at no additional charge!

Payment Procedures: In addition to the convenience of our pick-up and delivery service, there is the added convenience of credit/debit card billing. Your card will be billed once a month. Please note that information given to Williamston Cleaners is held in the strictest confidence and never shared.